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The students of the University of Montreal present Contre²,
a serious game about the student strike

This spring, play the game of government propaganda!

Montréal, April 23, 2012 – The students of the graduate program in video game design at the University of Montreal invite you to play a serious game in support of the student movement and against the hike in tuition rates. The ironic game (Contre2, contrecarrer, “to oppose” in French), puts the player in the role of the government, whose goal is to crush the student movement.

Faced with a never-ending stream of peaceful activists, the government must deploy violent police, carefully-staged “news” reports and choreographed appearances from public figures to intimidate the students and stifle the democratic process. Each student you can bully out of participation brings another $1625 to the public coffers (the amount of the proposed tuition hike).

But it’s not merely a game. Contre2 invites the player to reflect seriously on the ideological posture behind the government’s handling of the situation and to provoke questions about the propagandist aims of the mainstream media.

”We wanted to include a rich variety of audio samples associated with each character to show how ridiculous many of the arguments against the strike are,” declares Romain Douville-Parent, in charge of the sound for the game. “Our game is not made for game-lovers only, but for anyone interested in learning more about the strike,” indicates Pascal Nataf, one of the designers of the game.

The game is available to play for free at the website

About the team:

The team is composed of students in the 2012 session for the graduate degree in video game design at the University of Montreal, who come from a variety of backgrounds: design (graphic, fashion, and industrial), researchers into serious gaming, communications, film studies and biology.

D.É.S.S Game Design (A program description, in French only)

For any additional information, please contact:

Pascal Nataf
Head of Communications
(514) 656-5215


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